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Training for Administrators

Swimming Tasmania - 19/11/2013

Swimming Tasmania seeks to provide or signpost training courses and development opportunities to ensure our clubs are safe, fair and inclusive for all.

Development Opportunities

Swimming Tasmania seek to provide opportunities to upskill club adminstrators, such as communications and presentations workshops. Contact Us for more information on what is planned in this regard.

Complaint Handling Course

The Australian Sports Commission in conjunction with Play by the Rules has developed two free courses that are available for all members of your sport. The complaint handling course is a 4 hour online course that provides a thorough step by step guide to resolving complaints. This course, along with the Play by the Rules resources, are great sources of information to anyone who has responsibility for managing a complaint.

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) Course

Umpires, groundspeople, presidents or administrators at any level in sport will gain some value from completing the seven interactive modules that can be accessed online. The Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) Course, once a 2 day workshop, is now only 4 hours online followed up by a 3 hour workshop. To learn more about the value of an MPIO to your club, state or national association and how to access the training to become an MPIO click here.

The online component of the MPIO course is required to be completed before attending the face to face workshop.  The complete course covers the all important issues like Member Welfare and Child Protection, which can also be completed as distinct modules online. We encourage interested participants to complete the online module in preparation for the next Tasmanian workshops being run by Sport and Recreation Tasmania.

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