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MPIO Officers

Swimming Tasmania - 25/06/2014

Swimming plays an important part in the lives of Tasmanians. There are multiple benefits to participation and many positive reasons why people flock swim every day of the week. For the vast majority of us, swimming is overwhelmingly positive and runs without problems or concerns.

Occasionally though, things can go wrong. When they do people need an avenue to raise their concern and make a complaint. This is when the Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs) play an important role in sport. They are the person responsible for providing information and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern, as well as support during the process.

Importantly, they are not a person who investigates matters, advises, or advocates for the complainant.

In Tasmania, you can contact the following MPIO for this advice


You can also refer to the following documents for more information about policies and procedures, and view our Policies page:


More details and Free online training is available on the Play by the Rules website here.

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Swimming Tasmania, or Tasmanian Swimming Incorporated, is governed by a Board of Directors who are supported by a number of Sub-Committees providing expert recommendations. Our organisation operates in accordance with the Swimming Tasmania Constitution.


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