Inclusive Swimming

Swimming Tasmania is committed to a swimming-for-all philosophy by creating opportunities for all Tasmanians to participate in our sport. We encourage clubs to provide a safe, fun an inclusive environment for people of all ages, abilities, skill levels and backgrounds.

Creating an inclusive club enables individuals to experience the water in a safe and fun environment and provides important learning experience that benefit the entire community by:

  • Providing safer water-aware clubs and schools;
  • Fostering health and fitness;
  • Developing swimming competition opportunities;
  • Creating family orientated activities;
  • Facilitating community cohesion and more social engagement.
  • Safe Sport Framework
  • The safety of children and young people in our sport is paramount. We want swimming to be fun, enjoyable and safe for all. All of us in the Australian swimming community have a role to play in ensuring that we keep our proud sport as safe and enjoyable as possible. 

    The Safe Sport Framework (SSF) confirms the shared responsibility we all have for keeping each other safe in swimming - children and adults alike.

    You can read more about the Safe Sport Framework and how it applies to your Club here.

  • 7 Pillars of Inclusion
  • Developed in partnership with Play By The Rules, the 7 Pillars of Inclusion is a unique tool to help you and your club identify its strengths and weaknesses around the inclusion of disadvantaged populations.


    The 7 Pillars

    The Pillars represent the common areas of Inclusion - giving you a framework to use as a starting point. It will educate, inform and give you practical direction so that your Club can become more inclusive and diverse.

    7 Pillars of Inclusion

    It is our goal that by educating clubs around each of the 7 pillars, they’ll have a blueprint that helps them strive toward achieving full inclusion of people from a diverse array of circumstances and backgrounds.


    What Can You Do

    We encourage club committee members and coaches to complete the 7 Pillars of Inclusion self-assessment to help them identify areas of improvement at their Club and access resources to assist them in creating an inclusive environment.

    The 7 Pillars of Inclusion website for swimming and aquatics will help you identify strengths and weaknesses around inclusion and diversity and help you along the path to creating a strong inclusive culture for your swimming and aquatics programs.

    Visit the 7 Pillars website and learn more about inclusion at your Club.

  • Swimmers with Disability
  • Swimming Tasmania is committed to providing opportunities for members of our community of all abilities and encourages our Clubs to do the same.

    Multi Class swimming is integrated into everything we do – from offering Inclusive Swimming Tasmania Programs for the community with the support of our Clubs, to providing multi class competition and development opportunities.

    You can check out our Multi Class Swimming page for more details on how your Club can include swimmers with disability.

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