Competition Rules, Forms and Procedures

Rules, Policies and Forms

Rules and Policies:

Swimming Tasmania Meet Rules

SAL Swimming Rules

SAL Terms and Conditions of Entry to Swim Meets

Team Leader Event Responsibilities

Swimming Australia Anti-Doping Policy 


Manual Entry Form

Protest Form

Club Swim Meet Approval Information and Application Form

JLT Insurance Check List

Swimming Tasmania Record Request Form

Swimming Tasmania Relay Form

Interstate Competition Clearance Form (Please note that clearances are not needed for Australian National events or for meets in Victoria, NSW, SA or Queensland)

Race Entry Form 


The Application of the 'Junior Rule'

The 'Junior Rule' is applied at all Time Trials and club meets for swimmers aged 10 years and under. At State Meets and Junior Medal meets the 'Junior Rule' is not applied where there are 11U events and General Rules apply.

The 'Junior Rule' is used to encourage rather than discourage junior or new swimmers to competition.

Generally when applying the rule, Officials have a sheet that they use to identify the infraction/s that a swimmer has committed and these are handed to the Referee at the end of each Heat/Event (when possible). In turn these are passed on to the control room to be collected by Team Leaders and/or Coaches at the end of each meet.  Coaches are then aware of the areas that the swimmer needs to work on for further events. It is also up to the discretion of the Referee. The Referee may, for example, disqualify a swimmer who swims as 10U in Time Trials where he or she has attended previous meets and competed in the 11U Championships and has gained the experience and knowledge to know the rules.  

The Referree has the same discretion at Time Trials in relation to any new swimmer who is over the age of 10.

If a swimmer has received a Junior Rule Infraction Report the time for that event will be recorded as a ‘exhibition’ swim and cannot be used as a legitimate time for Championships or SAL’s JX program.  

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