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When records are broken at a National or Swimming Tasmania Championship meet, e.g.Australian Age Championships or Tasmanian Age Championships, these records are updated automatically. However, splits are not automatically checked so swimmers need to apply for a record achieved with a split time. 

For all other meets swimmers must apply for the record using the Record Request Form, as results are not automatically checked. The meet must be a Swimming Tasmania approved qualifying meet.

For records from non-National meets outside Tasmania, it is also the swimmer's responsibility to obtain a Meet Manger backup with the results from the meet organiser.

Applications must be received by Swimming Tasmania office within 30 days from the date of the swim. Applications may be rejected if received late or the meet was not granted qualifying status.


Long Course Records

Record Type Last Updated
Allcomers Female    20 March 2019
Allcomers Male 8 August 2019
State Male 8 August 2019
State Female 8 August 2019
Allcomers Relays 4 September 2018
State Relays 3 May 2018
Australian Multi-Class 1 July 2019
Tasmanian Male Multi-Class 13 June 2019
Tasmanian Female Multi-Class 13 June 2019



Short Course Records

Record Type Last Updated
Allcomers Female     29 August 2019
Allcomers Male 29 August 2019
State Male 29 August 2019
State Female 29 August 2019
Allcomers Relays 29 August 2018
State Relays 14 August 2018
Australian Multi-Class 1 November 2018
Tasmanian Male Multi-Class 29 August 2019
Tasmanian Female Multi-Class 29 August 2019


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