Emerging Flippers

From 2021, Swimming Tasmania has introduced a new Emerging Flippers  squad, recognising those swimmers who performed with excellence at the most recent Age/Open Championships and who are on track for future selection into the State Flippers squad. For selection into the Emerging Flippers squad, swimmers must:

  • for females aged 13-16 and males aged 14-17: achieve a Top 20 ranking at the most recent Australian Age/Open Championships; and
  • for females aged 17+ and males aged 18+: qualify for finals at the most recent Australian Open Championships.


2020/21 Emerging Flippers

Daniel Shilcock
Ethan Jones
Samuel Askey-Doran
Sahansa Udawatta (MC)
Emily Mitchell
Jessica Homan
Taylor Brock
Isabel Kirwan
Sophie Kirwan
Olivia Nichols
Xavier Nesbit
Sophie Hills (MC)
Ella Chan
James Clues
Lacy Kamprad
Morgen Hawkins

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