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Online Training Courses for Technical Officials

Our volunteers have told us for some time that one of the key barriers to them officiating in our sport is having the time to complete the necessary training. Now with the SNSW Online Training Courses, interested individuals can complete the training where and when they want.

Once individuals have successfully completed the training they will receive a certificate to print out and take to their next Swim Meet so they can be assessed to become fully accredited.

How To Get Started 

Available Online is the Introductory Level Officiating - General Principles.  Please click on this link to register and begin your training:  https://learning.ausport.gov.au/mylearning/catalogue/index?menu=Home#/detail?

Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Children - Online Training - Click Here

After completing the general principles & Safeguarding Children online training, please view the Timekeeper course and other courses as they become available.

Please visit the Swimming NSW training page here: https://nswtraining.swimming.org.au/

For first time users, please set up an account by clicking the login button and then follow the prompts.



Online Modules Fact Sheet - Click Here

FAQ & Information Online Modules - Click Here

Officials Code of Conduct - Click Here

Our online officiating modules make it easier for you to get accredited and work on pool deck.

We’ve got four modules to get you started:

We’ve designed each module for you to do in your own time and at your own pace. And we’ve made sure they are accessible through your mobile phone or tablet, so it’s easy for you to learn on the go.

How to get started 


Things to remember

These online modules give you the theory part of the course. Once you’ve finished, you’ll also need to be practically assessed. You can organise this by getting in touch with your state or territory swimming association.

You’ll only get the full accreditation once you’ve successfully completed the theory element and passed the practical assessment.

 Do I need to do a practical assessment?

Yes. Our online modules only give you the theory.

Once you’ve finished the module and feel confident on pool deck, get in touch with your state or territory swimming association to organise your practical assessment. You’ll need to bring your Certificate of Completion from the online module to your practical assessment to prove you’ve done it.

How long will it take me to do the online modules?

We’ve designed the modules to be done at your own pace.

It’s really important that you fully understand the content, so we’ve included self-check questions along the way to make sure you’ve understood what you’re reading. Each module ends in a small quiz.

So, it will be different from person-to-person, but it shouldn’t take you longer than two hours.

Why is there a different website for the Timekeeper/Chief Timekeeper module?

Swimming New South Wales have kindly opened this module nationally and at present, we have not been able to transfer this to our learning portal. This is definitely something we are working towards!

Why do I need to do the introductory course first?

We want you to understand how our National Officiating Accreditation program works.  It’s super helpful, so you’ll need to complete this course before you can move on. We promise it’s worth it.

How are these online modules different from the current learner guides?

We wanted to offer you another way to learn how to become a Technical Official. All of the information is exactly the same as what’s in our current learner guides, we’ve just moved it online. And we’re saving trees at the same time.

Can I fail these modules?

No, we’re not that mean.

If you don’t pass the quiz at the end of the module first time, then you can take it as many times as you need to.

How much are the modules?

They’re free! It’s one of the fantastic benefits of being one of our volunteers.

Becoming a Technical Official

We need you on pool deck


Swimming TAS conducts training in all technical aspects of swimming. New officials are constantly in demand. You can help!! Swimming Championships and Meets are conducted by Clubs, Areas, State and National Bodies. Swimming Australia qualified Technical Officials officiate at these various Meets.

A swim meet needs a lot of officials - in an eight lane pool ideally at least 12 are necessary if the Meet is to run well. Being an official is an excellent way of supporting children in their favourite sport.

There are also some fringe benefits! If you volunteer before the meet and get your name on the roster, you will have free pool entry. 

Things to remember:

  • Technical Officials provide the swimming community with a precious gift - time.
  • Without Technical Officials there are no swim meets and therefore the swimmers have no competition.
  • Every time you work at a swim meet you help young Australians achieve their goals and stay healthy.
  • Once qualified you can work Interclub, State and even Nationals. All assistance during Club races is greatly appreciated.


Watch a short video on becoming a Technical Official here.


How to Become a Technical Official

The training and assessment of technical officials is both theory and practical and mentoring by an experienced Technical Official. If you are interested, please contact your Club, letting them know that you want to become a qualified technical official or gain extra qualifications.

You must be a registered member of Swimming TAS and of secondary school age or older. Your Club will contact Swimming TAS or the State Technical Manager, who will:

  • organise the venue, date and time for your training

Technical Official Positions on the pool deck :



Chief Timekeeper 

Timekeeper x8

Check Starter x2

Marshal (Clerk of Course)



Operator of AOE 

Inspector of Turns x16

Judge of Stroke x4



National Accreditation Program

All Technical Officials in Australia are now being trained and assessed under the guidelines of Swimming Australia's National Officiating Program. Training and assessing is conducted through competency based modules similar to workplace competency courses.

For further information on the Swimming Australia National Accreditation Program, please click here. Or alternatively, please visit the Swimming Australia website.

Recognition of Prior Learning for Officiating Credentials

If you would like to submit an application to Swimming TAS in regards to your previous work related to an official position please download the following form

Recognition of Current Competencies

Before You Begin Your Training

Candidates may complete the relevant Training Notes and view the Training Videos before attending their first officiating meet.


Training Format

The candidate will receive practical experience on pool deck with a mentor, and when deemed ready for their assessment the assessor will be notified, as well as the candidate. The assessor will contact the candidate when this will take place. 

The  Assessor will assess the candidate in a practical officiating environment, probably at a Time Trial meet or at Club night. He/she will assess the candidate as ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’ by assessing them on a list of criteria necessary to be competent in that technical official position.

If the candidate is deemed ‘competent’ in ALL the criteria, the assessor will forward their name on to Swimming Australia as being competent in that position.

All accredited technical officials are issued with a National Technical Official Accreditation card. The card will identify the units (technical official positions) in which the candidate has achieved competency. If you have not received your accreditation card please click here.

Upon successful completion of at least one competency technical officials will receive a Swimming TAS Technical Official Badge. If you have not received your Swimming TAS Technical Official Badge please email tracecam@hotmail.com 

If the candidate is deemed as ‘not yet competent’ the Assessor will discuss with them what needs to be done for they can become ‘competent’.  



Updating Your Knowledge as a Technical Official

Every year Swimming TAS holds a Technical Officials Forum where you can update your knowledge. If you would like a Technical Official Forum to be held in your Area please contact Swimming TAS on (03) 6231 1192.   


Have a question or two about Technical Course content that you need answered quickly?

Ask Sam is a new SNSW webpage dedicated to answering your queries about officiating, specifically accreditation course content.

Feel free to put forward your query at any time on this website, and it will be updated as soon as possible.

Tom Hancock (Community Sport Administrator) - tom.hancock@tas.swimming.org.au
Tracey Rowell (State Technical Manager)- stofficiating@swimming.org.au 
Jayne Shepherd (Asssistant Technical Manager - North) jayne.shepherd@taswater.com.au

Technical Officials


Guide for those working with Children in Swimming Clubs!

Please read our PDF Guide here!

Working with Children Registration applies to people within all sectors including club and association activity.
Sport and recreation plays a pivotal role in children’s development. It is important that safe environments
are provided for all children who participate in this sector.


Becoming an official is easy and fun!

Check out our brief flyer with details on why and how you can join in the fun!

Without the commitment of our State's dedicated Technical Officials we would not be able to hold any competitions in Tasmania. Here's why some of our current officials officiate:

“Spirits are high and we have fun on pool deck but we never lose sight of the role we play in supporting
our swimmers” – Jayne Shepherd

“The feeling you are making a difference: without officials kids could not compete. It is great to
watch them grow and improve” – Fiona Lockwood

“Because of the friends made locally and nationally, you get the best seat at national meets and witness great achievements by our top swimmers” – Tracey Rowell

Experienced officials will train, shadow and mentor you to enable you to learn at your own pace. You do not have to be a full on Referee right away, or ever! Don’t leave it up to someone else – get involved in a fun and social aspect of our sport. Contact Swimming Tasmania to arrange a chat with a mentor official for a relaxed introduction during an event.

Check out the flyer!


'The best seat in the house' - Jayne Shepherd

"I completed officials training in preparation for the South Esk Centenary Sprint meet in 2011 and have been on pool deck with the ‘best seat in the house’ ever since!" Read Jayne's story here...



Why I officiate - Fiona Lockwood

Fiona Lockwood, a senior official in Tasmania who was recently appointed to the Commonwealth Games trials at the Australian Championships, has read about why she officiates. Read all about it here!


Enjoyment of being an Official - Tracey Rowell

Tracey Rowell, one of the leading officials in Tasmania, has prepared a brief story outlining her experiences as an official and the enjoyment she gets from the role. Read about her journey, the places she's been, friends made and experiends had since taking up the role! A very interesting read indeed!


Officiating in Tasmania

Technical Officials play an important role in the conduct of swim meets and Swimming Tasmania are committed to providing the support and recognition to our Officials to keep them on pool deck and involved in our sport. 

In Tasmania Officials are required to be members of Swimming Tasmania - this membership is Free, with more information available under Membership.

Officials are also expected to uphold appropriate Behavioural Standards, and must be familiar with and adhere to our Code of Conduct, Member Welfare and Child Welfare policies at all times.

Some more details on the steps to becoming an Official are available here!

Tasmanian Technical Officials are trained and assessed under the guidelines of Swimming Australia's National Officiating Program. Further information on accreditation is under the relevant section below.

Swimming Tasmania will always welcome expressions of interest from parents and volunteers wishing to have a go at officiating. There is a strong culture of mentoring with our officials and you will always be well supported by those with more experience. Officials are the cornerstone of competition and without them competitions wouldn't exist. If you are interested in learning more then please do Contact Us.

Key people

Tracey Rowell is the Chief Referee in Tasmania, and is also on the National Officiating Assessment Panel. In Tasmanian competitions Sandy is ably assisted by Jayne Shepherd who is Chief Referee for competitions in the north of the State, and Tracey Rowell who is Chief Referee in the south.

Robert Gregg is the Tasmanian representative on the national Technical Management Advisory Committee run by Swimming Australia.


Development in Tasmania

Swimming Tasmania offers development initiatives for Technical Officials at all stages in their officiating career:

To see the development pathway flowchart, click here!

Contact Swimming Tasmania if you would like to know more.


Key dates for officials

Our Development Calendar is available here



As noted above all Technical Officials in Australia are trained and assessed under the guidelines of Swimming Australia's National Officiating Program. Training and assessing is conducted through competency based modules similar to workplace competency courses.

Information on this accreditation program is available on the Swimming Australia website at www.swimming.org.au. Some introductory information is available in the TO Flyer Page 1 here and Page 2 here.


Officiating at National Events

Swimming Australia will call for nominations for Technical Officials to officiate at their national championships events in the months prior to the event. Further information on this process and which events are open for nominations can be found on their website at www.swimming.org.au



Becoming an Official

Interested in Officiating? Click here for a brief outline of the steps to becoming a swimming Official!

Inclusive Officiating

Information on swimming with disability can be found in the Inclusive Swimming section of our website. You may also wish to review the Inclusion Tips for Officials.

Tools and Tips

To assist new officials in their role the Australian Sports Commission, in conjunction with State Departments of Sport and Recreation, have developed a series of online resources.

A presentation introducing Marshalling/Clerk of Course, Marshalling and Chief Time Keeper roles is available here.

DQ Forms

Protests Powerpoint

Overview of Duties of Technical Officials Powerpoint 

Infraction Reporting 2016 



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