National and State Flippers Squads

The National and State Flippers Squad (formerly TID Squad) forms part of the Swimming Australia Pathway National Flippers Program.The Flippers Program features a combination of activities delivered by each State and nationally, with the aim of preparing identified athletes to successfully transition to the pinnacle of swimming in Australia - the Dolphins Swim Team. The Swimming Australia Flippers programs begins with the State Flippers, progressing through to the National Flippers, the National Youth Program, the Youth Transition Program and the Australian Dolphins Swim Team.


Flippers Diagram

National Flippers Squad

The National Flippers Squad supports swimmers who:

  • Are four to six years from a senior podium performance
  • Are at the T3 and T4 levels of the Australian Swimming Framework (ASF), and
  • Have met the National Flippers criteria of:
  1. 8th placed into the World Championship Final plus 3% for Females Aged 18yrs and over and Males Aged 19yrs and over; or
  2. 8th placed into the World Championship Final plus 5% for Females Aged 17yrs and under and Males Aged 18yrs and under.

Congratulations to Max Giuliani (THAC) who has met the criteria for the 2020-21 National Flippers Squad.

State Flippers Squad

The State Flippers Squad recognises those athletes that are performing at an elite level. Athletes and coaches of State Flippers Squad athletes are exposed to a range of opportunities, including:

  • Bi-annual testing, either at the Victorian Institute of Sport or the Tasmanian Institute of Sport
  • Program visit from State Head Coach twice each year
  • Eligibility for invitation to the National Talent Camp (based on selection by Swimming Australia)
  • Tasmanian Institute of Sport support for athletes and coaches

Due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 virus, the selection criteria for the State Flippers Squad has been amended. To be selected for the 2020-21 State Flippers Squad swimmers must satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • Be a member of the 2019-20 State Flippers Squad;
  • Be selected on an Australian Team (Junior, Youth or Senior);
  • Achieve a time during the 2020 long course season equivalent to 8% off the World Championship Selection Time (refer to Swimming Australia Selection Times); or
  • Achieve a top 3 national age group ranking for the 2020 long course season.

Congratulations to the following swimmers who have been selected for the 2020-21 State Flippers Squad:

Morgen Hawkins (SE)
Noah Kamprad (THAC)
Emily Mitchell (LAC)
Jardene Ralph (SB)
Matilda Smith (SB)
Karl Wurzer (THAC)

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