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 Swimming Tasmania Organisational Structure


Swimming Tasmania Constitution, By-Laws and Operational Policies

Swimming Tasmania Constitution (as of October 2017)

STAS By Laws


Operational policies

Swimming Tasmania's operations are guided by a number of policies and procedures, the majority of which are drawn from the policies of Swimming Australia (SAL). 

Social Media Policy

Debt Collection Procedure

Swimming Tasmania Code of Ethics

Visiting Swimmers Policy

Safe Sports Framework

Code of Conduct - all people involved in any way with the sport of swimming are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

STAS Official Code of Conduct

Privacy Policy 2014

Child Welfare Policy 2014 and associated information and procedures

Gambling and Betting Policy and associated summary and process

Risk Management Policy 2007

Junior Sports Policy 2008

Classification Policy and Procedures

Technical Official Travel Subsidy Policy

Behavioural Guidelines

Inclusion Policy




Competitions and pool deck policies

Also see Competiton Policies under Competitions - Rules, Procedures & Forms. 

Terms and conditions of entry to swim meets

Protest process and forms

Club swim meet approval information and application form

Swimming Tasmania record request form

Swimming Tasmania Relay Sheet

Interstate competition clearance form


Illicit drugs and doping policies

Anti-Doping Policy

Illicit Drugs in Sport Policy

WADA Prohibited List

Word Anti-Doping Code 2009


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