Meet Information

For more information on how to nominate for a meet, current rosters and uniform requirements, please click on the links below.

For further meet information refer to Swimming Tasmania Information Booklet.

For rules, procedures, policies and protocols relevant to Technical Officials, please click Resources and Support.


The preferred method of notification is Workplace. Please click here to access Workplace.

If you have any difficulties please contact Tracey Rowell at 

Notification of availability is to be advised on the Monday prior to the upcoming meet that you wish to attend.

  • Nominations
  • Nomination forms are distributed by email to all Technical Officials to allow them to nominate to officiate at competitions.  If you are interested in officiating at a meet please follow the instructions contained in that email. Swimming Tasmania State Technical Manager will then inform you if you have been appointed to that meet.

    If you are not receiving calls for nomination and you would like to, please contact us.

  • Technical Official Rosters
  • Please see below Rosters for recent and upcoming Swimming Tasmania events.




    Launceston QT Meet 14th November 2020 Click Here
    Hobart QT Meet 31st October 2020 Click Here
    Hobart QT Meet 26th September 2020 Click Here

    Launceston QT Meet

    29th August 2020

    Click Here

    Hobart QT Meet 5th September 2020 Click Here
  • Uniform
  • Swimming Tasmania supplies polo shirts for Technical Officials who officiate at its events. 

    They are to be worn at Swimming Tasmania meets and will be offered to all Technical Officials who have attained qualifications above General Principles and Chief Timekeeper, and who are appointed to officiate at Swimming Tasmania meets.

    Those who meet these requirements will be given two short sleeve polo tops.

    Officials are required to wear the following to all Swimming Tasmania meets:

    • black pants, shorts or skirts
    • black shoes and socks

    Please note that leggings are not suitable.

    For more information please contact us.

  • Current Technical Officials

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