Officiating in Tasmania

Becoming an official is easy and fun!

Without the commitment of our State's dedicated Technical Officials we would not be able to hold any sanctioned competitions in Tasmania. 

Experienced officials will train, shadow and mentor you to enable you to learn at your own pace. You do not have to be a full on Referee right away, or ever! Don’t leave it up to someone else – get involved in a fun and social aspect of our sport. Contact Swimming Tasmania to arrange a chat with a mentor official for a relaxed introduction during an event.

Officiating in Tasmania

Technical Officials play an important role in the conduct of swim meets. Swimming Tasmania is committed to providing the support and recognition to our Officials to keep them involved in our sport. 

In Tasmania, Technical Officials are required to be members of Swimming Tasmania, Membership is Free once you have completed your initial training.

Officials are also expected to uphold appropriate Behavioural Standards, and must be familiar with, and adhere to, our Code of Conduct & Safe Sports Framework policies at all times.

Some more details on the steps to becoming an Official are available here.

Tasmanian Technical Officials are trained and assessed under the guidelines of Swimming Australia's National Officiating Program. Further information on accreditation is under the relevant section below.

Swimming Tasmania will always welcome expressions of interest from parents, swimmers and volunteers wishing to experience officiating roles. There is a strong culture of mentoring with our officials and you will always be well supported by those with more experience. Technical Officials are the cornerstone of competition and without them our competitions wouldn't exist.

If you are interested in learning more please contact us at

Key people

Lee-Anne Edmunds is the Technical Manager for Tasmania.

In Tasmanian competitions Lee-Anne is ably assisted by Jenelle Gillies and Malcolm McNeill  who are Assistant Technical Managers.


Hear from our Technical Officials

Denise Mclaughlin - FINA Technical Official

  • When did I start and why

"I started officiating in 2008 when my son was swimming and they asked for volunteers. I went to an officials expression of interest day and was on pool deck the same afternoon. I didn’t want to sit in the stands and watch when I could be down on deck where all the action happens."


  • What do I enjoy about Officiating?

"I enjoyed challenging my mum brain to learning a new skill as I wasn’t a swimmer myself (I can swim but never competed). As I progressed and became accredited, with help from fellow Tasmanian officials along the way, I gained confidence. I was given the opportunity to travel interstate to officiating workshops and appointed to officiate on pool deck with many great mentor officials from all over Australia and see the emerging talent in Australian swimming and also the best swimmers in Australia with the best view. The long term friendships I have made with other officials, to work in a very supportive environment and have fun away from the pool are all bonuses."


  • Why am I still Officiating?

"I continued when my son stopped competitively swimming as I had progressed to a level where I didn’t want to stop. I enjoyed the challenges, mentoring new officials and being able to travel to great swim meets all over Australia, and now that I have reached FINA level, overseas travel.

I still enjoy watching our young local swimmers compete and the excitement they get when they achieve a personal goal still makes me smile. I hope to continue travelling within Tasmania and beyond to see young sports people doing what they love."



Matilda Evans - Technical Official




"I started as an official four months ago and am thoroughly enjoying it, officiating has opened me up to a different side of swimming while learning in a supportive environment with knowledgeable mentors. I enjoy being an official as it allows me to connect with all parts of swimming and uphold the sport that has given me lifelong skills."

Guide for those working with Children in Swimming

Working with Children Registration applies to people within all sectors including club and association activity.
Community, Sport and Recreation play a pivotal role in children’s development. It is important that safe environmentsare provided for all children who participate in this sector.

Please read our PDF Guide here.


Development Initiatives for Tasmanian Technical Officials

Swimming Tasmania offers development initiatives for Technical Officials at all stages in their officiating career:

  • Education sessions to introduce the various roles and responsibilities of officials
  • Mentoring sessions and structure to ease prospective officials into new roles
  • Access to development workshops and seminars such as Australian Sports Commission approved communications, presenters/facilitators, and assessors courses
  • Courses for officiating multi-class events with associated rule exceptions (SWD extension)
  • Plus national development initiatives such as the State Team Age Short Course National Officiating Workshop.

Contact us if you would like to know more.



As noted above all Technical Officials in Australia are trained and assessed under the guidelines of Swimming Australia's National Officiating Program. Training and assessing is conducted through competency based modules similar to workplace competency courses.

Information on this accreditation program is available on the Swimming Australia website.

The Technical Officials Pathway can be found here.

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