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  • Board and Committees
  • Swimming Tasmania Organisational Structure

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    The Board of Swimming Tasmania

    Under our Constitution Swimming Tasmania is governed by a Board of Directors who manage and control the affairs of the organisation. The Board is supported by sub-committees.

    The Board consists of a President and six Directors.

    President: Susan Cure


    • Glenise Gale
    • Kevin French
    • Geoff Howell
    • Andrew Fischer
    • David McLaughlin
    • Maddi Palser

    Click here for Director EOI Nomination Form


    Supporting Sub-Committees

    Selection Committee

    The Selection Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board as to the selection of all representative swim teams and relays, development squad members, qualifying times for entry to swim meets and trophies relating to individual performances.

    The current Selection Committee is:

    • Glenise Gale
    • Ketrina Clarke
    • State Head Coach Advisory Role

    Competitions Committee

    The Competitions Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board as to the structure of the competitions calendar and the content of those competitions. It draws on representatives from across the swimming community in coaches, officials, and club administrators.

    The current Competitions Committee is:

    • Glenise Gale
    • Sandy Thomson
    • Adam Briggs
    • Merodi Jack
  • Swimming Tasmania Staff
  • Staff Member Position Enquiries Office Hours
    Jamie McIntyre   Chief Executive Officer   Sponsorship, MPIO Enquiries, Governance, Club Development, Inclusive Swimming Tasmania, Sporting Schools, Club Help Checklist, Newsletter Full Time
    Jo Leslie Athlete Development General Enquiries, Multi-class Swimming, Inclusion, Classification, Development Squads and Programs, JX/YPS, Records & Accounts Membership, Membership, Swim Central, School/Timing Equipment Hire, Website, Team Manager, Affiliation, Coaching, Coaching Courses, Events, Pool Bookings, Website. Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri
  • MPIO Officers
  • Swimming plays an important part in the lives of Tasmanians. There are multiple benefits to participation and many positive reasons why people flock swim every day of the week. For the vast majority of us, sport is overwhelmingly positive and runs without problems or concerns.

    Occasionally though, things can go wrong. When they do people need an avenue to raise their concern and make a complaint. This is when the Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs) play an important role in sport. They are the person responsible for providing information and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern, as well as support during the process.

    Importantly, they are not a person who investigates matters, advises, or advocates for the complainant.

    In Tasmania, you can contact either of the following MPIOs for this advice:

    * Jamie McIntyre at Swimming Tasmania at: jamie.mcintyre@swimming.org.au

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