Strategic Plan and Policies

Our Vision

Our vision is for swimming to be one of the premier aquatic sports in Tasmania, demonstrated through growing participation, outstanding performances and commercial sustainability.

Our Strategic Plan is available for download here.

The Swimming Australia One Swimming Values and Behaviours guideline is a fundamental part of Swimming Tasmania's vision and is embodied in our rules and procedures.


Swimming Tasmania Constitution, By-Laws and Operational Policies

Swimming Tasmania Constitution (as of October 2022)

STAS By Laws

Operational policies

Swimming Tasmania's operations are guided by a number of policies and procedures, the majority of which are drawn from the policies of Swimming Australia (SAL). 

General policies:

Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Debt Collection Procedure

Safe Sports Framework

Privacy Policy 2016

Gambling, Betting and Match Fixing Policy

Inclusion Policy

Policies for officials:

STAS Code of Conduct for Technical Officials

SAL Overseas Technical Official Participation Policy

Board policies:

Swimming Tasmania Board and Executive Code of Ethics

Competition and pool deck policies:

Visiting Swimmers Policy

Protest process 

Swimming Tasmania Record Request form

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