2019 Tasmanian State Team

09 September 2019

Every year Tasmania sends a team of athletes to compete at the National State Teams Championships in Canberra. This event is held at the AIS and is a highlight of the competitive swimming calendar. 

2019 State Team

Congratulations to the following swimmers who were all selected to represent Tasmania at the 2019 State Teams Championships:

Jonte Adams SE
Sam Askey-Doran HC
Rufus Bresnehan HA
Grace Campbell LAC
James  Clues HA
Kye Direen HC
Hugh Dolle SE
Mackenzie French LAC
Max  Giuliani HA
Jessica Homan LAC
Wylie  Howell LAC
Jasmine Irani LAC
Jet Jankiewicz HA
Kane Johnson SE
Noah  Kamprad HA
Isabel Kirwan SB
Jakem Lampkin SB
Brenna Lemon HA
Oliver Lovegrove SE
Rebecca MacDonald HC
Isaac Malley BU
Millie McGregor BU
Emily  Mitchell LAC
Amy Muldoon LAC
Olivia  Nichols HA
Jade Nichols LAC
Sienna  Palser HC
Charlotte Pilsbury-Milne SE
Jessalyn Potter HC
Jonty  Pretorius SE
Jordan Reitsema LAC
Aviva Ross BU
Matilda Smith SB
Blake Stretton SE
Tadhg Waddington SB
Georgia  Woods


Congratulations also to the following coaches who were selected as team coaches for the 2019 STSC Tasmanian Team:

Rachel Brennemo (HC)

Paul Crosswell (HA)

Peter Tonkin (LAC)

Dylan Davey (SB)

Adam Briggs (HC)


Good luck to all swimmers and coaches!

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