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How To Get Started 

The Introductory Level Officiating - General Principles module is available online.  Please click on this link to register and begin your training. 

Before any Technical Official starts officiating without supervision, they must complete the Safeguarding Children - Online Training. Click here for more information.

After completing the General Principles module & the Safeguarding Children online training, you can choose to take the specific course module for the role you are interested in officiating in (for example, timekeeper, inspector of turns etc) as they become available. Consistent with the approach taken by Swimming Australia, Swimming Tasmania has adopted the NSW Technical Officials Training Modules. Please visit the Swimming NSW training page for more information. 

For first time users, please set up an account by clicking the login button and then follow the prompts.

Swimming Tasmania requires all Technical Officials to undertake Match-Fixing Training.



FAQ & Online Modules Fact Sheet - Click Here

Officials Code of Conduct - Click Here

Our online officiating modules make it easier for you to get accredited and work on pool deck.

We have the following modules to get you started:

  • General Principles of Officiating
  • Check Starter
  • Clerk of Course
  • Timekeeper
  • Inspector of Turns
  • Judge of Stroke
  • Recorder
  • Starter

We have designed each module for you to do in your own time and at your own pace. And we have made sure they are accessible through your mobile phone or tablet, so it’s easy for you to learn on the go.

How to get started 

  • Head to . If you have already got an account with us then log in, or register for a new one if you’re new.
  • Create a username and password
  • Login and start learning

Things to remember

These online modules give you the theory part of the course. Once you have finished, you’ll also need to be practically assessed. You can organise this by getting in touch with your state or territory swimming association.

You will only get the full accreditation once you have successfully completed the theory element and passed the practical assessment.

Do I need to do a practical assessment?

Yes. Our online modules only give you the theory.

Once you have finished the module and feel confident on pool deck, get in touch with your state or territory swimming association to organise your practical assessment. You’ll need to bring your Certificate of Completion from the online module to your practical assessment to prove you’ve done it.

How long will it take me to do the online modules?

We’ve designed the modules to be done at your own pace.

It is really important that you fully understand the content, so we have included self-check questions along the way to make sure you’ve understood what you’re reading. Each module ends in a small quiz.

So, it will be different from person-to-person, but it shouldn’t take you longer than two hours.

Why is there a different website for the Timekeeper/Chief Timekeeper module?

Swimming New South Wales have kindly opened this module nationally and at present, we have not been able to transfer this to our learning portal. This is definitely something we are working towards!

Why do I need to do the introductory course first?

We want you to understand how our National Officiating Accreditation program works.  It’s super helpful, so you will need to complete this course before you can move on. We promise it is worth it.

How are these online modules different from the current learner guides?

We wanted to offer you another way to learn how to become a Technical Official. All of the information is exactly the same as what’s in our current learner guides, we’ve just moved it online. And we’re saving trees at the same time.

Can I fail these modules?

No, we are not that mean!

If you don’t pass the quiz at the end of the module first time, then you can take it as many times as you need to.

How much are the modules?

They are free! It is one of the fantastic benefits of being one of our volunteers.

  • Learner Guides
  • Swimming Australia, in conjunction with the State and Territory Swimming Associations, has created a National Technical Official Accreditation Program (NOAP). This program provides training and ongoing development of technical officials, for all levels of swimming.

    There are learner guides for all of the NOAP modules. Click on the links below:

    LG1 - General Principles

     LG2 - Timekeeper

    LG3 - Chief Timekeeper

    LG4 - Check Starter

    LG5 - Starter

    LG 5 - Starter 2 

    LG6 - Clerk of Course(Marshal)

    LG7 - Inspector of Turns

    LG8 - Judge of Stroke

    LG9 - Chief Recorder

    LG10 - Finish Judge/Chief Finish Judge

    LG11 - Automatic Operating Equipment Operator

    LG12 - Meet Manager Operator

    LG13 - Announcer

    LG14 - Referee

    LG 14 - Referee 2

    LG15 - Referee Multi-Class

    LG16 - Advanced Self Management


  • Online Modules
  • General Principles of Officiating Timekeeper / Chief Timekeeper
    Clerk of Course Check Starter
    Judge of Stroke Inspector of Turns
    Starter Recorder

    Please note that whilst some of these courses refer to NSW Swimming they are applicable to all states and recognised by Swimming Australia. These online modules give you the theory part of the course only. Once you have completed the online course and understand the theory, you will need to practice on pool deck and then be assessed.

  • Reaccreditation
  • To ensure that Australia’s reputation for having the best Technical Officials in the world is upheld, Technical Officials are required to undergo a reaccreditation process every four years. To do this you must:

    • Maintain a log book showing the required number of update points (points are shown below and also explained in the Re-Accreditation kit) to maintain the current level of accreditation. This can be in the form of a log book, the template provided in the Re-Accreditation Kit or electronically.
    • Abide by the Swimming Australia Behavioural Guidelines and Swimming Victoria’s Values and Behaviours.
    • Maintain a current Tasmania Working With Vulnerable People Check. Click here to be taken to the Tasmanian Government Website.
    Points for Reaccreditation  
    Referee/Starter at FINA World LC Championships/Olympic Games 40
    Referee/Starter at FINA World SC Champs/Commonwealth Games/Pan Pacific Champs 35
    Referee/Starter at Other International Events  30
    Technical Official (other then Referee/Starter) at FINA World LC Championships/Olympic Games 35
    Technical Official (other then Referee/Starter) at FINA World SC Champs/Commonwealth Games/Pan Pacific Champs 30
    Technical Official (other then Referee/Starter) at Other International Events  25
    Referee/Starter at Australian Championships 15 per day
    Referee/Starter at Australian Age/Australian Short Course Champs 12 per day
    Technical Official (other then Referee/Starter) at Australian Championships 10 per day
    Technical Official (other then Referee/Starter) Technical Official (other then Referee/Starter) 8 per day
    Technical Official at other SAL organised Event 10 per day
    Referee/Starter at State Championships 10 per day
    Technical Official (other then Referee/Starter) at State Championships 5 per day
    Technical Official at a State sanctioned Event e.g. Non Championship Competition 5 per day
    Technical Official at a non sanctioned event eg. encourgament meet 2 per day


    Swimming Australia will contact officials that have an accreditation that is due to expire and ask them to complete the 'Reaccreditation Kit' and return it to 

    Click here to access the SAL reaccreditation kit.

    A part of Re-Accreditation is to achieve General Swimming Education points, by attending workshops, seminars or undergoing online training. The Play By The Rules website offers free online training that can be counted as General Swimming Education points. Click here to access the free training.

    Recognition of current competency

    If you think that you already possess the adequate competencies to obtain or upgrade your SAL National Technical Official Accreditation, please contact us to discuss Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) from prior learning and experience. RCC will be granted when all the stated learning outcomes and performance criteria of the SAL Technical Officials Accreditation Course modules have been met. Other requirements will also need to be met before a SAL National Technical Officials accreditation will be issued.

  • National Officiating Workshops
  • Swimming Australia, with the support of all state swimming associations, hosts an annual development event for emerging officials in conjunction with the State Teams Age Short Course Championships at the AIS, Canberra.

    The workshops aim to further enhance and fast track the skills of developing Technical Officials who are likely to officiate at future state, national and international competitions by workshops as well as gaining valuable practical experience on pool deck at the State Team Age Short Course Championships.

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