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Becoming an Official

Interested in Officiating? Click here for a brief outline of the steps to becoming a swimming Official.

Our officiating policies and procedures align closely with the SAL One Swimming Values and Behaviours guideline.

Inclusive Officiating

Information on swimming with disability can be found in the Inclusive Swimming section of our website. You may also wish to review the Inclusion Tips for Officials.

Forms and Procedures

Quick Reference Infraction Card (Updated May 2018)

Protests and Juries of Appeal Procedures

Swimming Tasmania Protest Form

Infraction Forms

Junior Rule Infraction Form

Multi-Class Exception Codes

Separated Hands - FINA Definition



Rules and Policies for officials

STAS Code of Conduct for Technical Officials

STAS Pool Deck Protocols 

Swimming Tasmania Pool Deck Protocols 

SAL Overseas Technical Official Participation Policy

SAL Technical Official Travel Subsidy Policy

SAL Facility Rules

Swimming Tasmania Meet Rules

SAL Swimming Rules

Team Manager Responsibilities


Tools and Tips

To assist new officials in their role the Australian Sports Commission, in conjunction with State Departments of Sport and Recreation, have developed a series of online resources.


Officials may undertake the following training:

Australian Sports Commission (ASC): A large range of resources for all officials in the sport of Swimming.

Play By the Rules: The Play by the Rules website provides news, resources and free online training to assist sport and recreation clubs and administrators, officials, coaches, players and spectators to keep sport safe, fair and inclusive.



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